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September 2011

Birdsville Mark11

Birdsville Race Time 2011

Well a bigger crowd than ever is expected and by the crowds of people, caravans, buses,tents, camper trailers etc. I believe they could be right.
Just our crew alone is bigger than usual and I reckon that there's 22 or so in our camp alone.
We are all in one section at the Racecourse proper. The fire is kept going night and day and the billy is always at the boil. Food is in a plentiful supply.Tiffany and Racquelle have also arrived from Sydney too. Johnny and Alysone are sleeping in our annex and Jo and June have a tent pitched nearby.
As soon as we arrived in Birdsville John dropped Enid and I up town as we wanted to see Lyn at the Visitor's Centre about organising a flight to Lake Eyre. She had a day offso we walked around to her house and then spent some time chatting to her and Don, her husband who is the National Park Ranger.Don drove us out to the racecourse and then we spent the rest of daylight setting up camp near George Tipping's camp.

Thursday, did the town overand then by midday Tiffany and Racquelle had arrived from Holsworthy Army Base in Sydney, via Warrieilda N.S.W. In the evening George took enid and I and John into town to Brophy's Boxing Tent he trains a horse for Fred so we got in for nothing - quite an icon in QlD entertainment.

Our flight for L. Eyre was Friday. John went with a group on Thursday. Enid and I had a couple of bets on the first 2 races and then we drove into the airport ready for our 3pm flight. It was quite a comprehensive trip taking us west over the top of "Big Red" and then over paet of the Simpson Desert. Then we turned south and on to the Lake. The way home was following the Warburton and over Goyder's Lagoon crossing by 4/5 cattle stations.

The big day for the Birdsville races 2011 drew a big crowd with "Fashions of the Field" The atmosphere is something to be felt and experienced.It was a bit windy and dusty today, Saturday.

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Birdsville Mark11

Mitchell to the Cooper

Mitchell was great and the Major Mitchell Cara Park was in a great spot and we did 3 walks across the river and up town. Jo and June did a lot more walking than we did and also had a swim and a spa.

Before we left we did the town up, had a wet lunch at the Heritage Courthouse Hotel visited the coffee shop and bought some pies at the famous bakery. In the evening Jo and June joined us at the B.B.Q.plates and we got into the pork chops we had picked up in Miles.

Stopped in Charleville at the Graham Andrews Parklands where Jo and June joined us for a picnic lunch. In 2010 Byron and joanne had introduced us to this great stopping place. Had a pleasant trip on to Quilpie and booked into the "Channel Country" Cara Park. Jo and June joined us for pre-dinner drinks before we each went our way to have our dinner.They had booked into a cabin.

On the track John stopped to stretch and he had some greatt music on and Enid for her stretch did a tango by the roadside.

The scenery on this road is scant - lots of nothing and very little distraction to keep you awake. We used to comment on all the road signs to keep John alert. Loads of flood plains and flat never-ending plains - sparse vegetation.

Had a few lovely relaxing days on Coopers Creek before proceeding on to Birdsville. The river was already becoming quite low. Some people caught yabbies but it was not worth fishing as the water was growing weeds already and we figured the fish would taste muddy.

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